I’m Andy Fugate. I’m running for the Oklahoman House of Representatives.  I want you to vote for me this November to represent our home - Del City and South Oklahoma City.

I’m a problem solver and love working with others to create solutions.  I’ve spent my career leading technology for some of Oklahoma’s leading companies.  I learned early that leadership is different when your team doesn’t report to you. Success requires servant leadership and common vision.

If we start by putting the people of Oklahoma first, we will find that common vision.  It’s time to stop the games and the finger-pointing. It’s time to put people over parties.  There are good people with good ideas on both sides of the aisle. When I am elected, I will work together with others to build a better Oklahoma for ALL of us.

  • I will fight for fairness for the people and against government favoritism.  It's time to base legislative decisions on “what’s best for ALL Oklahomans”. Not who has the best lobbyists or the deepest pockets.
  • I will fight for quality public education for all Oklahomans.  It shouldn't matter where people live or how much money their family has.  Our democracy depends on well-informed, well-educated and civically engaged voters, who will make good choices when they vote.  It starts with respecting teachers and what education does for us. Education is the true economic engine of the future.
  • I will fight for our disadvantaged and special needs citizens.  They are left out and left behind. Our state has 7,000 special needs kids who we force to wait years for the services their families desperately need.
  • I will continue the fight for true Criminal Justice Reform (CJR).   Today, our state guarantees occupancy to keep private prisons filled with Oklahomans.  That’s disgusting! It’s no wonder we lead the nation in putting our people in prison. Plus, I will fight to do what we said we would do with the $60 million we saved by passing SQ 780 and 781.  It’s time to invest those savings in mental health and addiction services. It's time to make good on that commitment.

This election is about choice.  We can choose to “stay the course” with the same tired platform bullet points we’ve heard endlessly.  We can choose another decade of failure.  Or we can elect people who will work together to build a better Oklahoma for ALL of us.

Vote for me.  And let's build a better Oklahoma together!

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