Guiding Principles

These are some of the key principles I believe about serving in public office.

  • Government should work for ALL of us.  It should not play favorites.
  • It is the job of elected leaders make government be successful. When government fails, our elected leaders have failed.
  • In a representative democracy, elected officials represent a district, but their primary duty is to be responsible to all of the people of the state.  When they vote, they must balance the needs of their constituents with this greater purpose in mind. They must consult with their constituents and explain their decisions.
  • For government to be successful, we must keep it small and focused. When it grows too big, it runs amok and out of control.
  • It’s healthy and productive to talk about what we do and do not want government to do on our behalf. There must be some greater civic good before we choose to have government work for us.
  • Transparency is the key to accountability.  This applies to both services directly provided by our government and those who provide privatized services on behalf of the state.
  • People with whom I disagree are not the enemy. They are people I listen to with the intent to learn.
  • A well-educated and civically engaged voting populace is the foundation of a great democracy.
  • Children are our state’s future and we must invest our time, talent, and resources in them.  We want them to stay here and raise a family when they grow up, so it’s critical that we work together to build a better state for them.  We must flip our state’s, statistics. It’s time to lead where we have failed.

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