Today’s environment at our state capitol is unlike anything I’ve seen in the 33 years I’ve watched our legislature.  Our elected officials no longer listen to each other, and it’s no longer just about political parties. Today a single party controls all facets of state government.  But it's clear the Governor, the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tem of the Senate are not talking to each other. Instead, we have shouting, finger pointing, and game playing.  The people of Oklahoma deserve better.

The reality is that there are good people with good ideas on both sides of the aisle at the capitol.  What is missing is a common vision for the people of Oklahoma. It's true -- without vision, the people perish.  It is time to put the people of Oklahoma first.

The first step is to stop treating others -- even those with whom we disagree -- as enemies.  It’s time to listen to learn and communicate. We must find ways to work together. Over the decades, I have made many friends at the capitol -- friends on both sides of the aisle.  And I’m committed to working with them to build a better Oklahoma for ALL of us.

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  • Andrew Fugate
    published this page in Issues 2018-07-07 21:45:06 -0500

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